LIPA High School
LIPA performing students
The LIPA High School Proposal
Over 20 years ago, we started LIPA, a new university level institution devoted to youngsters who wanted go on doing what they were good at and loved doing in the creative and performing arts. And they have. Nearly 90% of the graduates we can find (also nearly 90%) are doing just this, four years after leaving. Some win prizes (for instance, five Grammys in five different countries), some gain impressive roles in companies like Facebook, BAFTA and event production companies. Others contribute to their local communities in a variety of important and heart-warming ways.
Our Primary School
While we do show off our graduates, we know that the foundations for a useful work life are laid by parents and nursery/primary schools. So we started our own primary free school. It's not a stage school, but uses the creative and performing arts to encourage physical, emotional and mental growth and maintain a love of learning. It's a school where learning takes place as a response to challenge. This is called project based learning or, sometimes, problem based learning. It's learning because there's a reason to learn. And certainly not ticking some learning box set by bureaucrats. We want youngsters to create and tick their own boxes.
Our Sixth Form
Our next endeavour was to provide youngsters with the best preparation for either higher training or work so we started our own free sixth form college in September 2016. Like our primary school, this initiative was also over-subscribed. As our sixth formers haven't completed their courses yet, we can't provide statistics on progression to either higher level training or straight to work yet, but everyone who has visited has remarked on the youngsters' energy, the commitment and the quality of their work.
Now, the final stage
Our developments have encouraged us to bid for our final free school to fill the gap between our primary free school and our free sixth form college. And this is where we would like your help. We need to convince government that this would be worthwhile and your support would assist us so your response to the questionnaire would be perfect.

Our free high school would also help answer a question our primary parents are, even now, asking: 'Where next?'
What will be special?

Our free high school will be part of the LIPA group replete with our learning strategies, facilities and our focus on the creative and performing arts. We want to provide a seamless transition for learners as they move from primary to secondary education.

During the first three high school years (years 7, 8 and 9), we will deliver the national curriculum, using project based learning, building on how youngsters have learnt at our primary school. This allows us to continue delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, which will also contain an emphasis on the creative and performing arts.

Our curriculum will continue to be taught through integrated projects to encourage learning for a purpose. To help faster learning, our curriculum will use technology to promote learning outside the classroom. Our projects will challenge, energise and excite learners to gain a variety of skills, most of them transferable and which are needed to be successful at Key Stage 4. Our projects will also promote social responsibility, personal reflection and growth.

Learners will also explore and research, in advance, to make the most of the collaborative dynamic group work within our high school. We have been impressed by what we have experienced at Shirelands Collegiate Academy in Birmingham; an outstanding institution pioneered by Sir Mark Grundy. The key there was the staged way youngsters moved from primary to secondary learning. The first two years will feel like an extended primary school.

Specialist Pathways
From age 14, (years 10 and 11) we will offer clear pathways that combine core subjects of the national curriculum, with more specialist subjects including:
  • Film & Media Production - BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production
  • Dance - BTEC Level 2 First Extended Certificate in Performing Arts
  • Musical Theatre - BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre)
  • Visual Arts & Design - BTEC First Level 2 Diploma in Visual Art and Design
  • Interactive Digital Design - BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Creative Media Production (Interactive Media)
  • Music - BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Music
  • Theatre - BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Theatre
Aside from our own track record, we have a learning partnership with Edge Hill University (University of the Year 2015), which is renowned for outstanding teaching. Their teachers will teach at our High School, while our teachers will teach at the university.
Our admissions policy will be simple, open and reach out to our locality and wider region, while remaining fully inclusive. From September 2021, we plan to admit children aged 11. We will publish more about our admissions soon.
Applications for Year 7 for September 2022 are now open - anyone who wants to join us for September 2022 (including pupils currently at our Primary School) will need to apply at:

For enquiries, please call: 0151 958 0020.